August 10, 2017

Magic Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone

In the past I've written about pursuing your dreams, career advice and college advice within the mindset of someone who knows EXACTLY what they want. But to be honest with you, I've struggled with knowing where my path lies. Graduating, which is supposed to be a celebratory moment,  was filled with uneasy emotions and doubt leading up to the day I walked across the stage.  This is the moment where everything is left up to me. There are no academic advisors to help you with your schedule and now the family is waiting to see what "big thing" you'll do next. Great. *awkward smile*

So naturally, I went right back to school! *cheers*

School is a safe space. It's familiar, routine and expected. We're expected to go to school, study, get involved and graduate...but what happens next? Since we've always done what is expected, how do you find what you want to do? When I couldn't find a stable job after graduation I did what was expected...I went to grad school. While I'm happy to be back, it speaks to how school can be a safe space we run back to sometimes, but why?


Fear drives us to the familiar. Think about it for a second. Why don't people pursue what they really want. Yes family and  friends influence us, but at the end of the day maybe we're just scared. First, some of us are scared of success. Interesting right? Well not really. With success comes a lot of responsibility, handwork and risks to make it happen. We start to shrink our mindset when all the "what ifs" fill our minds. Instead of "what if" say "why not!" No one has the entire map to their dreams, but you don't need to see it. if you did, you would know the whole story and that defeats the lessons you need to learn along the way. Don't try and stunt your growth during this journey.  Look for the lesson in every setback, turn, and mistake. Each piece is a part of your map.


Raise your hand if change makes your palms sweaty and heart race. Yes, change is rough, but most things we desire mean leaving our comfort zone. That could mean moving to a different city, state or even country. That means making new friends and learning a different language. You will cry, swear you're moving back home and make too many phone calls to your parents, but eventually home will become the place you bought a one way ticket to.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is if you're scared, do it anyway and it's not too late to take the first step. Every second is a chance to change your life. Each morning wake up ask yourself, "what am I doing today to create a better tomorrow?"

We can do this💫

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