August 31, 2016

Fairy Tale Dream Room Decor


If you could design the bedroom of your dreams, what would it look like? No limitations, just you and your imagination. I thought this would be a cool post idea because I love decorating and rearranging my room. Not to mention I could spend hours daydreaming about this. Some days I like minimal design, while others days I want splashes of color everywhere. The amount of decor I imagine I'll accumulate over the years will probably fill several homes!

I will forever love fairy lights, crystals and pastels which inspired my inspo board. From there, I simply browsed anthropologie, urbanoutfitters, and other sites I drool over, but can never bring myself to purchase something.  Aside from that, I was inspired by the galaxy, animated films and my hope to one day become Princess Jasmine (a girl can dream right)!

Honestly, posts like this keep me going. It reminds me why I changed my blog around in the first place. I love dreaming and creating, but I love seeing it come to life even more, even if it's just a moodboard. With that being said, do what you love!

Share some of your dream room ideas!

summer sky tapestry
umbra prisma mirror
canvas print
copper star string lights
large amethyst crystal
compass rug
shag puff dressing chair

Have a wonderful day! 

August 29, 2016

Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Brand

A huge part of creating a successful blog/business is creating a unique and consistent social media brand. I can't tell you how many times I discovered a blogger through their Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account. The likelihood that someone is going to find your blog by simply typing in your url isn't likely at all. You have to make your presence known.

So how are you and your brand going to standout amongst all the other bloggers on social media? Check out my tips below!

Color Palette: My favorite part of branding is designing the color scheme. There are countless color palettes you can create to begin identifying your social media brand. Choose colors that text can be easily read on and are consistent with your blog. You want readers to remember your brand and using contrasting colors can increase the odds of that happening. Colors also evoke different feelings which you may want to consider. I tend to use the color blue because, well it's my favorite color, calming and serene.

Font Pairing: This may seem unimportant, but I promise it isn't. For me, it's one of the most challenging aspects of design. Two fonts may be pretty, but paired together simply do not work. The best pairings tend to be with fonts that contrast. They're different, but not to the point where they compete. A cursive header with a simple sub-header tends to work well together. Try playing with the size and boldness of your fonts to add character.

Consistent Logo: I have yet to do this myself, so take my advice and be better than me! I'm in the process of redesigning my logo to better articulate what my brand is about. I understand the struggle of choosing one design when you have so many great ideas, but no one will remember your logo if it's constantly changing. Readers tend to be visual so even if they forget your blog name, your logo may stay with them and bring them back.

Authenticity: Depending on what platform you're using, you have a limited number of characters to convey your message effectively. Be informative, open, honest and true to your voice so you can build trust and a relationship with your readers. I love when bloggers give advice through personal stories because I feel like I'm having coffee talks with a friend!

What are some of your tips? Comment below!

Have a wonderful day!

August 26, 2016

Stunning Instagram Illustration Accounts You Need to Follow

Loisvb- I stumbled across Loish on deviantart this summer and I'm so happy I did. Her work, along with many others, inspired me to get into character design. Her work is so stunning, luminous and ethereal. She recently released a book that I can't wait to purchase. What I love most about her instagram page is she has mini tutorials that are extremely informative and helpful. 

Iraville- I've attempted to paint using watercolor numerous times and it usually ends with me having a headache. One day I'll get the hang of it, but for now I'll live vicariously through Ira's lovely paintings! Looking through her work reminds me of fall, from the hues and greenery in the photos. For a more in depth look at her art, check out her youtube channel

Paperfashion- Since I started blogging, BlogLovin has been my go-to for discovering amazing content. While browsing the art section I found Paper Fashion by Katie Rodgers. Her paintings are beautiful and she's worked with amazing brands including: Cartier, Lancome, Alicia Keys and Google. Her artwork is truly magical and captures everything I would imagine in a fairytale world.

Pannacotta_cupcake- Last, but certainly not least we have Joelle, the artist behind pannacotta_cupcake! I could spend all day scrolling through her Instagram feed of pretty pastel illustrations. Everything she makes is dazzling and should be in movies. She has a lovely shop where you can purchase her work on phone cases, shirts and tote bags. 

What accounts do you recommend!

Have a wonderful day!

August 24, 2016

Cute Back To School Supplies

Whether you will be starting school or just like cute supplies, I wanted to share some items to help keep you prepared. Most of these items are guessed it, Etsy! It's been a year since I've been in school and I almost forgot what to look for! Now that I'm in grad school most of my money goes to tuition and boring books instead of cute planners and adorable pencils. Back when I was grade school, I dreaded the thought of going back, but loved school supply shopping.

I will say, something about having a cute planner makes me want to use it even more! Treat yourself and start the school year off right with some cute supplies. If you've already started, I wish you the best of luck and much success!

Minimalist Marble Notebook

Flex Your Hustle Planner

Pencil Case

Color Block Pens

JanSport Sunrise Backpack 

What are you studying?

Have a wonderful day!

August 22, 2016

My Blogging Tech Essentials

Blogging seems like a fun and easy hobby/job and it really can be, but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. Taking quality photos, creating graphics and drawing illustrations are only a few duties that go into maintaining this blog. Here are the tools I use that have helped me immensely.

MacBook Pro- I decided to make a big purchase this year and get a MacBook. After years and years of using a PC, I decided to see what all the hype is about and I get it. I create a lot of graphics and use large programs that would always slow my pc down. Now, I never have that problem and I can work on projects for hours.

IPhone 6- Believe it or not, I take almost all my Instagram photos with my phone. The quality of the camera is great and there are endless apps to improve the appearance or customize the photo to your liking. I tend to use afterlight or the filters already in the camera settings. I also use my phone to check emails and post on my social media accounts.

Huion 580 Tablet- So after I fell in love with illustration and character design, I purchased this tablet. It's incredibly affordable and has worked well since I've had it. I highly recommend it if you want a quality tablet without breaking the bank. Even if you don't draw, it's a great way to add small illustrations and your own handwriting for a personal touch.

Samsung NX3000- Finding this camera seemed like a faraway dream after searching for weeks. I wanted quality, a viewfinder and interchangeable lenses all at under 500 dollars. I found this camera used on Amazon for $260 and went for it. It came with adobe lightroom and was in perfect condition!    I got this mainly for filming and so far it's been nice, but I have a lot to learn. My favorite feature is being able to connect my camera to my phone if I really want to take high quality pictures for Instagram.

So now that you know what I use, what are some of your tech essentials?

Have a wonderful day!

August 16, 2016

Keep Calm and Use Coconut Oil

When I began embracing my natural hair over a year ago, coconut oil quickly became my holy grail product. Now it's taking over every beauty junkie's cabinet and is being used for various purposes. Coconut oil has been a lifesaver for skin, hair, cooking, and can even improve your diet!

1. Hair- Curly girls like myself tend to suffer with perpetually dry hair. I've tried many oils, conditioners and butters, but nothing works quite like coconut oil. I like to use it as a deep conditioner and let it saturate my hair for 15-20 minutes. After washing it out my hair feels so soft and looks shiny and healthy. If my hair starts to get a little dry throughout the week I simply reapply and massage the oil into my hair.

2. Skin- My favorite part about summer is wearing cute flowy dresses that were sadly put away during the cold months. My least favorite part is shaving! I never remember to buy shaving cream and honestly, I think it can be a waste of money. Coconut oil is a great replacement and depending on the brand you buy, has natural ingredients. The best part is you don't have to apply lotion afterwards because it doubles as a moisturizer.

3. Body-  Many people have started to use coconut oil instead of butter because it's easier to digest, absorbs quickly and helps boot the immune system. Lauric acid, a healthy saturated fat is found in coconut oil and helps fight bacteria and viruses. Paired with regular exercise and healthy eating, coconut oil can make a significant difference in how one feels and looks. For those with severely dry skin, coconut oil is great because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

There are so many other great uses including: using it as a lip balm, removing stubborn eye makeup and making your own body scrub. In a future post I'm going to create some of these just so you can see how easy it is!

How do you use coconut oil?

Have a wonderful day!

August 12, 2016

Creative Happenings: Character Design

So I'm back with another illustration to share with you all and I'm pretty happy with it. I found this lovely tutorial so I can't take any credit for this concept. I really want to challenge myself each week so I can become better as an artist. Of course my schedule decides to get a little busier, but I'm trying to commit to a new project each week. Practice makes perfect.

When I began this tutorial I thought the sketch would be the most difficult part. In actuality the shading and other small details took the most amount of time. At one point I wanted to say forget it and save it without shading and adding highlights. It the small details however that make all the difference and add dimension. 

I'm extremely happy with the progress I'm making and I'm anxious for the day when I look back and see how far I've come.  For now I'll just embrace this feeling. This whole process has given me a new found respect for those who do this full-time. It's certainly not easy and my hands were often sore, eyes were strained, and Photoshop occasionally lagged. Please show some extra love to yourself and any artist you know regardless of the medium!

I think I want to find a tutorial focusing on different hair textures because that's a real struggle for me. I would love to read your thoughts and opinions on what I should try next!  How did you begin your creative journey?

Have a wonderful day!

August 8, 2016

A Piece of Me: The Journal

So out of sheer boredom and randomness I decided to start a series called "A Piece of Me."  Each post I will pick an item that holds a meaningful story behind it and share it with you.  

This week we're starting with my journal. 

I have many many journals/notebooks with every fluffy/sad story you can imagine, but this one is different. I remember finding it in a little local shop downtown and knew I had to get it. The color, design and intricate stitching were too appealing to pass up on. It's small so I can bring it anywhere and there aren't a lot of pages. With this in mind I told myself, "Only good things can be written in here." I wanted a place where I focused on the good since it's easy for me to reflect on my day and highlight the negative moments. This journal, being my safe haven, inadvertently taught me gratitude.  In spite of all the bad, there's something to smile about. When I have nothing in particular to say, I write down a quote or Bible verse.  My favorite thing to do is add little illustrations to give it some personality.

It truly is a little gem that I need to make use of more often. When I found it after I moved and settled in, I reread each page and felt the same spirit of happiness inside. These entries are the one's I would relive over and over if I could. Even a few encouraging words can make all the difference in an entire day.   

I encourage everyone to get a journal specifically for positive memories/thoughts and see how it will change the way you feel and think.

Have a wonderful day!

August 6, 2016

Why You Must Follow Your Dreams

I firmly believe that success is attainable for everyone, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. It's easy to dream and talk about your career aspirations, but there's so much more to it. It's a grueling, uncomfortable and stressful process. This journey will inevitably involve roadblocks, breakdowns (mentally and physically), doubts and tear stained pillow cases. So with all that being said, why even embark of this journey?  Here are a few reasons! 

1. You Have One Life

As cliche as it sounds, it's so true. Picture yourself 30-40 years from now knowing that you lived a life full of regrets.  No matter what happens on your journey, at least you can say you tried. There are no do-overs in life. You get one shot, make it count. Don't be the person who constantly wonders, "what if." 

2.  The Possibilities Are Endless

There is no roadmap. This may be unsettling if you like to plan everything like me, but things can happen much better than you anticipated! The detour that you think put you ten steps back, could lead you to the person or position to jumpstart your career. It's all about perspective.

3. You Owe It To Yourself

A part of growing up means going to work, possibly going to college and paying bills. I know, glamorous right! I doubt that's all any of us want for our lives. You deserve to make time for yourself and your passions. It's nice working for others and you can learn a lot, but remember that your goals are a priority too.

Have a wonderful day!

August 3, 2016

Creative Happenings: Illustration

If you've been around this blog for awhile or even a few weeks then you've probably noticed a few changes. This post is the start of the type of content I will be sharing more often. It's also a reflection of what really inspires me. I have always loved art. I've taken photography classes, created mini films, made jewelry and loved writing poetry. The older I've gotten the less time I have to devote to these creative passions. Now this has become the space where I can hopefully bring it all together and share your creations too! I'll go more in depth about my ideas for this space in a future post. 

Lately I've been loving the process of learning character design and illustration. This is my first attempt (that I'm willing to share lol) and I can't wait to see my progress as time goes on. The internet has an abundance of resources for us all to learn pretty much anything. For me, staying consistent is key. I jump from one hobby to the next so I never become great at anything, just average. Practice makes perfect and even then I could always get better.

What are your creative passions? Comment below!

Have a wonderful day!

August 1, 2016

I am an Introvert

All my life I've been the nice friend who barely talks or is constantly misunderstood as stuck up, mean or shy. I just want to clarify, shy is not a synonym for introvert. I take things in by observing and would rather spend hours with one or two other people than in a crowded room with strangers. Extraverts gain energy when they're socializing while introverts expend energy. So after a long day you can find me locked away in my apartment doing things that make my happy in solitude. It's nothing personal, I simply need to "recharge". I actually have a lot to say, I just can't always verbalize it. This is more of a personal trait, but I'm better at putting thoughts down on paper.  I also tend to overthink what I'm going to say and then it's too late. I love exploring new places, I don't mind going out late at night or working in groups. I do work better alone because I am a bit of a perfectionist and have high standards. I may be cautious to go out at first, but that's only because I protect my energy and want to be in a good environment

I like who I am and I know there are areas that I can improve, but none of them are caused by the fact that I'm introverted. When I hear people converse about introverts it's usually in a negative manner. Unfortunately society has a lot to do with this. Being an introvert isn't bad, it's just different. The fact is introverts and extroverts are capable of doing the same exact things. Some of our most prevalent people in society are introverts.

I am constantly concocting new ideas and wanting to dive into a project! My latest project is learning how to draw and paint on Photoshop. I could spend hours watching tutorials and looking at portfolios on Behance. I love taking pictures, editing homemade films and designing. I have so many dreams and career aspirations that there should be two of me!

I guess my point of sharing this is, everyone is complex. No one can reasonably assume anything if they haven't taken the time to know you. Had I jumped to conclusions about some of my friends beforehand, we probably wouldn't be friends. Yes, introverts may be hard to understand but I promise we are worth it!

Have a wonderful day!