July 20, 2016


Well I have decided to finally take the leap into the world of YouTube. Ever since I discovered YouTube as a teenager struggling to apply eyeshadow, I have been addicted. It's been a goal of mine for awhile, but I always talked myself out of it. It's intimidating putting yourself out there for the entire world to judge. With that being said I'm taking baby steps. I love watching apartment tours and figured, why not make one! I have a long way to go, but I'm loving it so far! It's my first place by myself so I have complete creative control of the design.  Watch and comment below!


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Have a wonderful day!

July 13, 2016

Embracing My Natural Hair

As a child I never truly embraced my curly hair. I've spent hundreds of dollars on straighteners and  my straight hair became a crutch. I relied on it to feel pretty and acceptable wherever I went. As I got older I began to realize the complex I had towards my hair and it was shocking. The fact that I didn't accept my God-given hair bothered me so much, especially since I tell others to love themselves and the way they look. If I had a daughter, what example would I be to her? This may sound a little too deep considering I'm talking about hair, but it really isn't. If I'm ashamed of my natural hair, what other complexes do I have?

The transition to accepting my curls hasn't been easy and isn't over. I first began my transition by doing braid outs and twist outs. I wasn't completely comfortable with my curl pattern due to another complex. I don't have large, spirally 3b curls that you see on every curly Instagram page. My hair is kinkier and I have some heat damage from all those years of taking a flat iron to it in the morning and sometimes the afternoon. It was a step I took to feel comfortable since this was a huge change.

Not only was I beginning to work with my natural hair, but I also had to figure out what products to use which is another world within itself. There's only a small section at most stores specifically designed for my hair type and they tend to be pricey. This market is growing, but still very small in comparison. Then I began to hear about ingredients that are bad for curly hair and are in some curly hair products! This seemed liked a never ending battle. I started to read natural hair blogs for advice and this is when I really learned about my specific hair texture beyond the curl pattern. Porosity, density, and elasticity all play a major part.

Learning to love my hair has been a hard, awkward and rewarding journey. I don't feel captive to my hair anymore and it has helped me embrace other areas about myself. Self love is so important and everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!

July 7, 2016


As I sit here and type my mind is running rampant with all the things I want to share (if you're still around that is)! So much has changed for the better and life now has a clearer purpose. I decided to go back to school and pursue a MBA. After graduating last year and experiencing the "9-5 adult life," I realized I wanted more for myself. I want to build my own business, partner with brands, own a brand and contribute to society in a positive and impactful manner. I am currently enrolled for the summer so now I have to adjust to studying and paying attention in class all over again! In the end I know it will be worth it. I'm going to make a separate post of my application process, because that's a story within itself!

My next big life change is moving into my apartment! I've literally been waiting on this for nearly a year. Moving back home was so hard and made me feel as though I was moving backwards in life. Now that I'm on my own, I have a space where I can create freely. Leaving my mom was the hardest part. I will miss her home cooking, laughter and long talks, but we are only 25 minutes or a phone call away from each other. I already plan on seeing her this weekend!

With all these external changes happening I decided to address internal feelings that I have been harboring. I have struggled with sharing my emotions, speaking my mind and being 100% honest with others when they hurt me. I also have been "holding on" to things that have happened in the past. With all this being said I saw a counselor for the first time. It was the best decision I've ever made for myself and certainly long overdue. Your mental health is just as important as the physical. I want to be the best version of myself: physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

So now that I have caught you all up with my life, I hope to post content regularly. I truly enjoy blogging and connecting with my readers. 

Enough about me, how are you?

Have a wonderful day!