February 29, 2016

Get Lost to Get Found

"It feels good to be lost in the right direction." - Unknown 

Like many recent college graduates, I don't have a "settled" life where things are in tact and routine.  Yes, some things are the same each day, but that can change at any moment. It was at first rather unsettling, but I'm beginning to look at it in a new light. I am free to try new things as I go and find out what I want and don't want. I'm not bound to anything or anyone so I can come and go as I please. I know these experiences are making and shaping me into a better person, more prepared for the future. I can look back and say throughout all my wanderings, I found myself. I learned new skills, met influential people and became stronger.

"Not all those who wonder are lost"- J.R.R. Tolkien 

Sometimes we need to get lost. I don't mean literally drive to the middle of nowhere, although that could be cool too! I mean take chances. Take the random opportunities that come your way because you never know how they may impact your future. Your life isn't supposed to be perfectly mapped out. If there's a job, internship or study abroad opportunity that seems too good to be true and out of your reach, apply. You owe it to yourself to dream a little. Yes we have responsibilities and yes there are bills. This is where wisdom comes in. Figure out what is accessible and go for it. These sudden and unprepared moments tend to leave the longest impact on us. Journaling each moment that happens, capturing images with a camera and exchanging stories over the phone with a friend help keep this moment alive even after months have gone by. 

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible."- Margaret Drabble 

This quote used to be in my twitter bio for the longest time and I've never forgotten it! Don't let uncertainty scare you, instead use it to your advantage. Look at all the possibilities life has to offer. No, it won't be easy, but the journey with be worth it. Continue to push yourself beyond what you think are your limits. Surprise yourself and don't settle for anything less than what you deserve. You have one life to live. Make it count.

Have a wonderful day!

February 26, 2016

My Style: Bohemian Fashion Vibes

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." I fully believe in this quote. We see people each and everyday that we know nothing about, but make make assumptions based on what they are wearing. While I don't think this is always a good thing, it does show how fashion can give some insight into our personal lives. You may see someone on a regular basis dressed in a suit on the weekdays. This gives the impression that they work in a professional setting while a person with a hoodie and backpack on is going to class. Funny thing is both individuals could be going to class or work. We dress how we feel and many of us dress the part that we want to be in society one day.

My personal style, like many others is broad. I like preppy professional outfits, casual and classy looks, but my all time favorite has to be bohemian. This is the perfect mesh of comfort and cute. Most items are loose fitting with abstract designs and sequins that are sure to catch anyone's attention. The oversized lengths of kimonos with fringe hanging freely gives a whimsical feel and long flowing maxi dresses are glamorous while still being comfortable. This style is free-spirited, romantic and perfect for a dreamer. It goes beyond simply being a fashion statement. It's a lifestyle. Going through each day wishing for the best, doing our best and feeling our best.

Wear your clothes for you. If there's a funky top you spotted at the local thrift shop, get it and don't sound guess yourself. Don't feel confined to standards set by people that don't even know you. I understand practicality/professionalism when it comes to our fashion choices, but don't lose yourself in the midst of it all. Fashion is an easy and convenient way to express ourselves and is constantly evolving as we do. 

Above are some pieces I am currently loving from CHOIES that really embody the bohemian style. Here are the links! 

Have a wonderful day!

February 24, 2016

Beauty Wishlist

Over the past several weeks I have been browsing the internet for some new beauty products to test out and hopefully add to my staples. It's so hard to find that one product that works really well amongst the thousands of products that are available. What it does mean is I get to have fun browsing and sharing some items from my wish list with you all!

The Glam Clam - When I first discovered this little gem I nearly fainted. I know, pretty dramatic reaction over some makeup brushes, but look at how cute they are! Also you're one step closer to becoming a mermaid. They are by the brand Spectrum and it comes with 10 of their best selling brushes. With this collection you have everything you need to complete an entire look! I'm sure what you're really interested in is the clam shell clutch. It's a pretty lavender color with rose gold detailing that will keep all your brushes out of harms way. It's currently in stock so if you want one, act fast because they sell out quickly!

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish- Soft and Gentle- I know, I know I'm extremely late when it comes to this product. I don't buy a lot of high end makeup so when I do find something I usually forget about it. This is a product I think will look great on most skin tones. What really made me want this was seeing a lot of people wearing highlighter and it looks amazing. First, I'm going to need a few makeup lessons so I know how to apply it correctly. Watching youtube and instagram videos have confirmed that my skills are pretty lackluster.

The Experimenter Bath Bomb- I hate to admit this, but I have never bought a bath bomb from Lush. I know right! Lush has an amazing variety to choose from and at a reasonable price. Lush also uses natural ingredients so you can enjoy a vibrant bath time experience without exposing yourself to harmful ingredients. This colorful bath bomb makes a crackling sound as it dissolves and smells like fresh vanilla.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush- Dim Infusion Ambient Lightning - Coral colors are my favorite to wear because it looks more natural on my skin than pink.  This beautiful multidimensional blush seems like the perfect product to add a little warm to my complexion. The packaging is another selling point for me. The compacts are sleek which is great if you need it on the go and gold is a common but great color choice that will please most.

Formula X Nail Polish- Magma - I typically stick with the same colors all year round when wearing nail polish. Those colors consist of pink and some shade of blue. I've always been a little hesitant to branch out and try different colors for some reason. This color could be a nice change without being too drastic. The shade is tangerine with pretty gold micro glitter flecks, perfect for the upcoming season.

What are some items on your beauty wish list?

Have a wonderful day!

February 22, 2016

Sweet Little Somethings


I'm sure you all have heard the expression "sweet nothings." If not, it's a phrase used when referring to someone who says something that sounds meaningful, but the intent is everything but that. Unfortunately a lot of people have experienced this and it's especially hard when it comes from someone you thought was genuine. I recently received my first issue of "Bella Grace Magazine" and there was an article that took this phrase and made it into something meaningful. Writers shared "sweet little nothings" in their daily lives that, although on surface level seemed insignificant to many, it meant something to them. I loved the concept and decided to create my own version. 

As each day, moment and second passes by there are little moments of magic that happen and go unnoticed. Imagine if we took the time everyday to appreciate them. I'm sure I would be a more grateful person. It's so easy to get consumed with our daily lives and preparing for the future, we don't see the beauty that's happening right in front of our eyes. I challenge you to look for the beauty in each day for a week. Whether it's someone holding open the door, eating a tasty meal or waking up earlier than usual. Keep track of each moment everyday and see how much the list grows. If you enjoyed the process, keep it going for a month and maybe even the entire year! 

Life isn't perfect. No one's life is, but if we change our perspective on many aspects of it especially on the things we can't change, getting through will be easier. 


What are some of your sweet little somethings? Comment below!

Have a wonderful day!

February 17, 2016

Spring Wardrobe Essentials for a Girl Boss

Soon enough spring will be upon us and I can't wait! It's the last season until summer begins and it's nice to not have to wear 5 layers to feel remotely warm. When the weather begins to change I'm sure most of our wardrobes will change too. For this upcoming season really embrace all that spring has to offer not only in life but with your fashion too!

V neck blouse- A simple white v-neck is a staple anytime of the year. White goes well with any color and most of us already have this in our closet. Pairing it with a colorful or patterned blazer will add a nice touch to any outfit while remaining professional. Statement necklaces are another great way to dress up a simple blouse.

Patterned pencil skirt- Don't be afraid to play with patterns this Spring. It's a simple and easy way to add something different to your outfit without making a drastic change. There are so many designs and patterns to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Make sure whatever top you pair your skirt with is simple so the two pieces don't compete with one another.

Powder pink fitted jacket- Blazers can be paired with a skirt for a more professional look or with jeans if you are going out for a casual lunch date afterwards. With that being said, it's a great transition piece. If you don't have any tops or bottoms that stand out, a blazer can be that pop of color to complete the outfit. One of my favorite looks are boyfriend jeans paired with a blazer and heels.

Beauty Call Natural D'Orsay Kitten Heels- A pair of nude heels is a nice change from the standard black pair I'm sure a lot of us wear to work on a regular basis. I think nude heels look especially pretty paired with pastel pieces. 

INC International Concepts Womens Zitah Pointed Toe Pumps- A girl can never have enough shoes! These heels are such a pretty color and perfect for the upcoming season. Something as simple as a pair of shoes can make an outfit. No worries, you can wear colorful heels and still be dressed professionally. Remember to have a heel height no more than three inches for work. 

Jordan Anthony Vegan Leather Metal Trim Shoulder Bag- Like I said, accessories can make an outfit whether it's a piece of jewelry, a scarf or a handbag. Carrying a handbag is inevitable simply because we have a lot of things to carry around, so why not get something cute? The closure on this bag is a pretty light yellow that isn't too loud, but still makes a statement.

What are some of your favorite spring fashion trends? Comment below!

Have a wonderful day!

February 15, 2016

Tips for Blogging Success

When I began my blog a little over two years ago it was for the sole purpose of having a creative outlet. I wasn't aware of all the skills I would learn as time passed and how influential social media/blogging can really be. I think that's the beauty of this whole journey. I didn't go in expecting anything. I didn't think about gaining a massive amount of followers, sponsors or money. When I started taking blogging a bit more seriously, I did think of the business/technical side. I jumped in two feet first with no background knowledge of the blogging world and since then I feel like I could give some solid advice to beginner bloggers, but I still have so much to learn. Aside from business, blogging has taught me life lessons too.

1- Be genuine: When I decided to really focus on my blog I researched popular topics that major bloggers wrote about. Many of those were advice posts and guides about blogging. While I do enjoy writing and sharing helpful content about blogging (such as this), it's not all that I want to discuss. Whenever I made a post for the sole purpose of getting noticed it felt terrible. I wasn't connected to the piece and creating it was incredibly tedious. When I write, I want to feel inspired and like I'm truly sharing a piece of myself. Of course, I will still share guides about a multitude of topics, but it won't be out the sheer hopes of getting views and shares.  Also people will get to know you on a personal level. Genuine content equals genuine followers. 

2- Use social media: I shunned social media for a long time. When I would tell people that I didn't have a Facebook their eyes would widen and they wondered how I survived! As much as I tried to avoid it, social media is an essential for blogging success. I could be so much further along if I would've had it since the beginning. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are all incredible tools to network with other amazing bloggers and connect with potential followers.  It's important to have multiple platforms so everyone will have at least one other way to connect with you.

3- Consistency is key: Stick to a blogging schedule. Not only will it keep you on track, but your followers will know when to expect some new content and check back. It's also a great trait that can be applied in various areas of life. If you want something bad enough, be consistent. Work hard each and everyday and truly apply yourself. Eventually you won't have to work at it. It will come naturally. It won't be easy at first to stick to something that isn't reaping rewards visibly, but you're setting yourself up for success in the future.  

4- Share content- If there are a few bloggers you really love and admire, share their content. I love when bloggers support one another especially since the blogging world is becoming more and more saturated. It's a nice gesture to a fellow blogger that your support is there and your followers will appreciate getting exposure to another great writer. They might even return the favor and share one of your posts! 

5-  Stick to a layout- When I started my blog I had a generic layout and had no idea how to design a header, add social media icons, add widgets or anything else for that matter. I probably changed my layout over 10 times! Once I found Creative Market and began exploring Etsy for layouts, I couldn't contain myself. I spent days trying to find the perfect one. As a blog reader too, I get accustomed to a blogger's layout and when it suddenly changes it can be difficult to adjust too. Take your time finding a design that you love and stick with it for a awhile. 

What advice would you share to fellow bloggers? Comment below!

Have a wonderful day!

February 12, 2016

❤Link Love❤

1. "Monday Words: Maya Angelou"- The Fresh Exchange: I adore this blog already but I love that they took the time to shine light on a topic that doesn't get enough attention. Black history month is just another month for many, but for me it's a time to educate myself all over again on my cultures history and the amazing things achieved. It saddens me that our country still hasn't completely accepted one another for who they are. Try seeing things from someone else's perspective before judging them based on false assumptions.

2. "I am not a failure" - A Rosie Outlook: This post resonated with me so much. This time period in my life, I have been questioning everything. It's so easy at a young age to feel unaccomplished and hopeless. We tend to look at what others have done or are doing and make comparisons, but their story is unique to them. Nobody can duplicate the path of anyone else. Even though their life may seem altogether, you don't know their struggles or the backstory. Every little thing you do towards reaching your goals is progress. Don't underestimate yourself or your accomplishments no matter how big or small.

3. "30 Things to say yes for the best year of your life" - The Girl Who Loved To Write: Who doesn't want to have the best year ever? Chelsea created a list of simple yet meaningful things that can be applied everyday. It's so easy to get caught up in the materialistic things in life that we forget the beauty in everyday living.  The things that can't be bought. I really want to work on being present. I tend to live in a dreamland inside my head and get discouraged that my vision doesn't match reality. Truth is, I have a lot going for me right now and I need to embrace it.

If you have any blogs you would like to recommend, comment below!

Have a wonderful day!

February 10, 2016

Ways to Fuel Creativity

Living each day with a schedule that's pretty routine can sometimes leave me feeling uninspired. As a blogger I want to bring new material to this space to avoid repeating content. Unfortunately I haven't been the best at this. At one time I would try to reinvent old posts which isn't always a bad thing and in fact it can be insightful, but it means that I'm probably not as connected with the piece. I know what it feels like to work 8 plus hours, kick your shoes off and just unplug from the world. The desire to create is there, but the energy isn't. Dreams of making the side hustle the main hustle isn't going happen if I don't buckle down and push past the tiredness. Here are a few ways to fuel your creativity when you're stuck in a rut. 

1. Watch your favorite movies- Movies we love say a lot about the type of people we are. Ask yourself, "Why is this my favorite movie?" My favorite movie is "Aladdin" and at 22 years of age I'm not ashamed of it! The setting is beautiful, the soundtrack is amazing and I love each character and what they bring to the plot. The color scheme and design is something I continuously gravitate to in general life. "The Pursuit of Happyness" is another movie I adore and a reminder to keep striving after my goals. 

2. Read a book- Go to the library or dust off some books you've been neglecting. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies that I don't do very often. When I read I imagine the setting and what the characters look like. It's like creating a movie while reading and I love feeling apart of the story. 

3. Go through old photos/journals- I wish I had kept a journal so I could reflect on who I was at that time. It's inspiring to be able to look back and see what one has overcome, learned and accomplished. We all have a story that is unique regardless of how boring it may seem. I guarantee someone else will find it fascinating. Photos are great because you don't have to imagine. Did you dress differently, travel or take silly photos with friends? Remind yourself of who you are why you do what what you do.  

What do you do when you're feeling uninspired?

Have a wonderful day!

February 5, 2016

Purse Essentials for Every Woman

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you begin digging through your purse for an item you really need and it's nowhere to be found. Too often I have found myself in this predicament. It gets even worse if you don't have your friends around to come and save the day. As women, there are so many items we need to have at all times in case life happens. This post is going to give you almost every item needed to make sure your day goes smoothly.

1. Pads/Tampons- How many times have you been out and unexpectedly got your period? It sucks right! Especially if it happens at work or school. Periods are enough trouble by themselves and to top it all off with not being ready makes it even worse. I try to keep at least two on me at all times and maybe a couple more in case a friend needs one.

2. Ibuprofen- Looking back at the first item, it's pretty clear as to why you may want to bring some pain reliever. If you tend to get migraines or tummy aches this will also be handy. I can recall having to go through an entire work/school day without any medicine when I was cramping and I'm surprised I survived.

3. Lotion- Some days are planned well. Other not so much. For example, you wake up late because you forgot to set the alarm, jump into the shower, throw some clothes on and head out the door. When you arrive to work you look down and see your legs are embarrassingly ashy. Luckily I haven't experience this, but I know it happens. Keeping a small bottle of lotion is nice and essential to get through these cold months.

4. Hand Sanitizer-  With the cold season being in full effect, this is really essential. Just in general it's always best to try and be as clean as possible because you never know where other people's hands have been (don't think about that too long)!

5. Mints- Whether you're out with some friends or on a date, mints are a must. I hate feeling like my breath isn't on point. Imagine having an important meeting after you just ate a sandwich full of garlic and onion for lunch. Have some mints ready because you want to make sure the first impression is a positive one. Also who doesn't just want nice breath!

6. Hair ties- You don't really need these, but it's always nice if you feel like your throwing your hair up in a bun especially on a hot day.

What are some of your essentials?

Have a Wonderful Day!

February 1, 2016


Watching: Nothing on TV has really caught my attention unfortunately, but YouTube has always been my go-to. I've been watching a lot of tothe9s videos and continuously feel inspired. They have such an amazing sense of style and great personalities to go with it. Their editing is flawless and their music choice is amazing.  A lot of their look-books feature simple and vintage pieces uniquely paired with one another. If you need some fashion inspiration in your life definitely check out their channel.

Playing: My ukulele has sadly been neglected lately, but I'm trying to make more time to learn. As far as the chords go, I think I have most of them down pretty well. In the near future I'm going to customize it with some white markers and add floral designs. This will be after I practice sketching so I don't ruin it. Pinterest has been inspiring me a lot with this idea. It's never to late to learn something new!

Listening: Spotify has been a lifesaver. For some reason Pandora hasn't really been delivering like it usually does. What I love about Spotify are their playlists inspired by certain moods and atmospheres. I've been listening to their stress relief playlist constantly. It features instrumental tracks that are very soothing. The " I love my 90's R&B" playlist makes me feel so nostalgic. I really believe the 90's had some of the best music, but I may be a little biased since I'm a 90's baby.  I also recently discovered some tracks I've been playing on repeat.  There will be a post with my SoundCloud featuring them this week.

Reading: While I am currently working, this position is temporary so I wanted to find some resources for career inspiration. I have been loving levo league, The Every Girl, and Career Contessa. Not only do they amazing advice and tips, there is also a job board with various opportunities listed. You'll also find articles about fashion, beauty, finances, travel and wellness.

What have you been loving lately?

Have a wonderful day!