December 31, 2016

5 Links Worth Clicking

Well the weekend is here and so is the last day of 2016. I hope you all had a wonderful year and if not, embraced the things you learned to have a better year. Here are 5 links that I found over the course of this week and thought you might like them too!

Happy New Year's Eve!

An Introvert's Playlist: 15 Songs That Will Help You Stop Overthinking

Born Hatin': Why Some People Dislike Everything

Maybe Success Just Feels Like This

Trust is a tricky thing

Have a wonderful day!

December 29, 2016

My Biggest Communication Pet Peeve

We've all been there. You answer the phone or walk through the door and before you can get out a single thought, an hour has passed by. At first you were engaging and attentive, but as time slipped by, so did your attention span and level of patience. By the time he/she finished, you're exhausted and forgot what you wanted to say and end the "conversation." On one hand you want to be there, but on the other hand you realize this is a one way conversation...and it keeps happening. The concept of a dialogue has been lost, forgotten and abandoned at sea.

So clearly I've experienced this and still do on occasion, but I'm happy to report there is a solution..well kinda. So let's begin with how you address your beloved chatterbox. The first thing to realize is they probably have no idea they're doing this. Most people wouldn't purposefully make another (especially a friend) feel excluded. My friend is a great example. There have been times when I set the phone down, walked away, went to the bathroom, cooked a gourmet meal, cleaned my room, typed this blog post, and she was still going when I came back. I might have exaggerated a tad, but you get my point and besides this frustrating habit she's a great person.

So with that in mind, you can say how you feel and be mindful all at the same time. You can start by interjecting yourself more into the conversation. That way the topic is about both of you. I'd like to point out, there's nothing wrong with talking about oneself. The issue arises when that's the entirety of the conversation. Next you can simply let them know how you feel. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but it's better than letting it continue and harboring negative feelings.

At the end of the day communication is key on both ends and takes effort, patience and understanding. Too often people stop talking over a misunderstanding that could’ve been resolved if they were open with their feelings. So with that in mind, let’s all take steps to being better communicators with ourselves and one another.  

Have a wonderful day!

December 26, 2016

Signs You Are Starry Eyed

As a small girl creating stories, drawing and daydreaming has shaped who I am today. The beauty of being starry eyed is I can see the silver lining in most situations and find creativity on the most mundane days. Everything has the making to be an incredible story. A huge downfall of looking at life through rose colored glasses is I can lose track of reality. While dreaming is fun, it can't be a top priority all the time. There are to-do lists that need to be checked off, work to do and classes to attend.

In spite of being a bit too idealistic,  I can honestly say it has influenced me to keep me going. This mindset kept me persevering, inspired and hopeful during rough times. Best of all, it inspired me to create this website. Sometimes we have to learn to work with our personality and not against it. I've found ways to use my weaknesses to my advantage.

Check out the list below to see if you share the same starry eyed characteristics

1. You enjoy going for long drives with no destination

2. Your notebook is filled with more illustrations and doodles than actual notes

3. You miss half of what the professor is saying because you're daydreaming of an amazing idea

4. You can see the beauty and silver lining in every situation

5. Your walls are covered in sticky notes and fairy lights

6. You love light and airy music

7. You personify inanimate objects (maybe that's just me!)

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground"


Have a wonderful day!

December 23, 2016

When No Leads You to Yes

Graduating from college was a moment I’ll never forget. Four years of typing papers with tired fingers, hours spent studying in the library and commuting to an internship by foot all lead to this moment. It rained all morning, but nothing could dampen my mood. I was ready to walk across that stage and shake hands with the university’s president. It was a defining moment that showed I could accomplish anything. 

Shortly after, those feelings dissipated. Constant resume revisions, follow ups, and emails lead me to a brick wall each time. Receiving one rejection email after another had me reflecting on the past and regretting every opportunity I didn't go after. Suddenly I felt inadequate and hopeless. Eventually I got a temp job that I couldn't stand, but it was a start. Anything was a start.

I decided to go after something I said I wouldn't for at least a year...grad school. The thing I didn't want I got into with practically no effort. I paid the fee, sent in my application, took the GRE (which I barely studied for) and was almost instantly accepted. A week later I moved and haven't looked back since.

The very thing I avoided has been one of the best things to happen to me this year. I'm working towards making my dreams a reality. Recently I completed a social media/marketing internship with a magazine based in New York and learned so much! My blog has grown and now I'm submitting my work to my favorite magazines. Everything is falling into place.

Although those months where I felt like my world stopped spinning hurt, it lead me to right where I needed and wanted to be. All the bad pushed me to pursue better.

"Rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success."- Bo Bennett

Have a wonderful day!

December 21, 2016

Phone Cases for the Aspiring Mermaid in Your Life

At some point in my childhood, I went through a mermaid phase. We can thank Ariel for that, as well as her singing sea creature friends and dreamy love interest, Eric. There's nothing I wanted more than hair that stayed perfect in the water and a sparkly tail to guide me through the depths of the sea. 

I'm so grateful for these memories. It was a time where many of us sought exploration through our imagination. Something money couldn't buy. That same spark is still in me and you, we just have to dig a little deeper. 

While I'll never have cute fish friends or the ability to live underwater, a girl can still dream... and make purchases to feel a little closer than before! If you have any fellow wannabe mermaids in your life, these phone cases would make a great gift especially since Christmas is right around the corner! 

Let me know which one is your favorite! 

Liquid Flowing Glitter Case
Shell Phone Case
Seafoam Faux Glitter Case
Moroccan Tile Print Case
Mermaid Scales Case
Mermaid Bling Fish Scale Case
I'm Really a Mermaid Case
Mermaid Tail Case
Mermaid Kisses, Starfish Wishes

December 2, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

My biggest weakness when it comes to spending would have to be tech products. I love editing and creating on the computer so I'm always searching for add-ons, plugins, textures and anything else that could help me with the design process. I recently purchased a class from Brit + Co to sharpen up my Adobe Illustrator skills. It was so insightful and well worth the money.

With all this in mind, I knew I had to make a gift guide for my fellow tech lovers. I think people shy away from buying tech products because there's an assumption it's going to be really expensive. Hopefully there are some products here that won't break the bank and bring a smile to your loved ones' face.

What products would you like to have from this list?

 Links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Have a wonderful day! 

November 30, 2016

DIY Decor for the Holidays

One of the best parts about the holiday season is decorating the house to look like a winter wonderland! I remember being so excited to decorate the tree as a little girl and the joy I felt when the lights finally lit up. Wrapping paper tossed around, tape sticking to random objects and a trail of sparkling glitter made wrapping presents a fun and exciting venture.

There are so many wonderful and talented bloggers out there with creative ways to decorate your home. Here are 5 DIY's I think you all will love that will add a special touch to your home!

Leave a comment below of your favorite holiday tradition!

DIY Wreath Decor

Have a wonderful day!

November 28, 2016

Throwback: Childhood Music

A few weeks ago I was driving home after an 8 hour class and couldn't wait to throw myself onto my bed. I was stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. I turned my radio on, changed the station and a song I hadn't heard in years came on. I wrote about that moment here. It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time.

This had me thinking about my middle school years and the music that shaped that time period. Most people would say they would go back to high school, but I loved middle school. There wasn't as much drama and field trips were still a thing. Sitting here and typing this in a library filled with 20 somethings is bringing back those same emotions. We were so young, yet thought we knew so much. It was an awkward, embarrassing, hilarious and honest time.

I created a playlist to share some songs that made up this time period in my life. I could type out everything that happened, but I think music does a better job at telling stories. Whether you were with me or not, a song can unite us all in a moment.




Have a wonderful day!

November 26, 2016

Remember your "Why"

Blogging really has been a blessing in my life. I could go on and on about all the things I've learned that are technical and about myself, but it's so easy to get lost in the midst and forget why you started. That's what's been happening to me lately. Each evening I sit down with my computer and stare at an empty page wondering, "what's next?"

My favorite posts are ideas that randomly spark my mind and when that doesn't happen I feel pressured to create...and that's the worst. I don't think creating should be forced, but what do you do? I don't want my audience being left with nothing, but I also don't want to share a random filler post.  With grad school, interning and growing my brand, burnout seems to be a regular occurrence.

Now with the semester slowing down, I can refocus more energy into my "why" for this space. One step I'm taking is to remove myself. 90% of my work is done from a computer which is a double edged sword. It's convenient and then I get sick of it, so when I get the chance to work on paper I do. The same thing applies with my cellphone. I've become so attached that I miss moments of inspiration that happen everyday. I'm starting to make time for new hobbies like fashion illustration and reading for pleasure, not just for school.

Blogging should never feel like a chore because it began as anything but that. If you find yourself stuck in a writing rut, just know it's normal and take one step at a time to regain your focus and find inspiration.

November 14, 2016

Things I Love about Autumn

By now I'm sure you have seen tons and tons of posts regarding this season, whether it's fall fashion, halloween costumes or pumpkin spice latte recipes. Fall brings warm cozy feelings that a lot of us look forward to after a hot and sunny summer. Even if it's not your favorite season, fall truly does bring its share of beautiful moments.

 Once the temperature drops I rummage through my clothes and find the comfiest sweaters and cardigans. It's almost like wearing a blanket all day! Then I pull up my black suede boots to keep my feet and legs warm. While walking to class, I love seeing leaves dance in the wind. Shades of red, brown and orange hues fill the sky. I like to reward myself after a long week with a treat. Most cases it's a nice cup of hot chocolate or apple cider from Biggby. It's not much, but it makes a difference. Something I still need to do is visit an apple orchard, preferably as a date! It's a simple and relaxing activity that makes for great pictures and memories.  Most importantly, I love traditional autumn food! It's the one thing that unites family and friends around a table while sharing laughs and stories from the past. There's something about eating home cooked food made with hands that once held you. Love truly is a key ingredient. My favorites have to be stuffing, sweet potato pie and macaroni.

Take time to appreciate the present and enjoy the fall season. Before you know it, we'll be making snow angels and singing Christmas carols. Comment below your favorite fall activities!

Have a wonderful day! 

November 10, 2016

I'm Here For You

The results of the election have me and so many others feeling heatbroken, stunned and afraid. Wednesday morning I woke up, thought about the results and tears filled my eyes. My mind went to the worst place possible and all the "what ifs" started to pile up inside. As optimistic of a person I try to be, I'm also human. This is all very new and it takes time to process such a dissapointing outcome. I called my mom bright and early and was left reassured that we will be ok, and you know what...she's right. We will be ok. Not even just ok, we will rise above this. The key is, we have to do this together regardless of who you chose. I don't want us to be divided. I don't want us living in fear. Those are two things I'm seeing the most right now. Nothing will ever get done with that mindset.

It's scary, but God is still with us each and every step of the way. Keep him close and trust him in spite of any doubts or fears. It's not an overnight process, but each step counts. Take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Cry, vent, get upset then makes strides forward. I am here with and for you. 

Have a wonderful day! 

November 7, 2016

October Favorites

October has been such a hectic month with interning and school work. I think that's the case every month! For Halloween (I know, super late) I attempted to be a lion. One, because it's free, and two, it's a warm costume idea! My nose ending up rubbing off so I said, "forget it" and went on with my night. I honestly would rather go trick or treating candy. One of the many perks of being a child. I've been learning a lot more about blogging and I'm so motivated to take this space to the next level. Sometimes it takes hitting a plateau to get refocused and inspired. On another good note, my favorite podcast has returned and I couln't be happier! Lola and Babz are my big sisters in my head and have the funniest stories. I love how unfiltered they are, oh and Ike's pretty cool too (seriously)! I have few favorites to share this month and maybe you'll discover a favorite here too! 


Nude Converse

Have a wonderful day!

October 31, 2016

Beautiful and Dreamy Jewelry

It's a brand new week and I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was decent and much needed. Aside from the usual studying, I went out Friday night with my best friend to a couple bars. I honestly am not a bar person, but it was nice to get away from my apartment and books. I will say, I felt so old now that I'm not an undergrad even though I'm only 23.

This post is a continuation of my dreamy ethereal theme showcasing beautiful jewelry I found on instagram.  It's amazing how a single piece can change how you feel on the inside! I have a choker that I absolutley love. I instantly feel like a princess and just need a crown to complete the look.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

1.  Audrey Rose
2. Logan Hollowell Jewelry
3. Jacquie Aiche
4. Lunalight Jewellery
5. Luna Skye by Samantha Conn
6. YCL Jewels 

Have a wonderful day! 

October 26, 2016

Powerful Benefits of Turmeric

I've been wanting to try a new skin care mask and I finally found one on Etsy! Masks are apart of my nighttime routine when I want to relax but they're also great for the skin. I've tried masks with characoal, clay and everything else under the sun except turmeric. Turmeric is a popular ingredient in skincare products because it's natural with many benefits.

So far I can't say much about it, but I'm excited to see the results! One complaint is my towel has orange stains on it so use a towel you don't really care about. I'll keep you updated with this mask.

Here are a few benefits of turmeric to check out.

Regulates oil production from sebacious glands

Lightens acne scars and stretch marks

Soothes burns

Softens cracked heels

Removes dead skin cells

Minimizes dark circles

What are your thoughts and experiences using turmeric?

Have a wonderful day!

October 24, 2016

Why You Need to Speak Your Mind

Recently I listened to an episode of Black Girl in Om and was left feeling inspired and a little disappointed in myself. Maybe disappointed isn't the right word, but aware of things I need to work on. In this episode (which you should totally listen too) they talk about ten things they know for sure. One of those things was not being afraid to speak your mind and look at things more objectively.

In this blog post I wrote about my struggle with being a people pleaser, and that has a lot to do with not sharing my perspective. I worry about how others will perceive me and a thousand other things I have absolutely no control over. Speaking your truth is being yourself. While others may not like it, silencing yourself starves who you are. If someone isn't able to accept you for your opinion, that says something about them and not you. Also consider, the perspective you share could enlighten someone else. We all have something to offer regardless of how old we are. Each of us have a unqiue story that shapes a unique perspective.

"Speak your mind even if your voice shakes"- Maggie Smith

"I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue"- 

"Never be afraid to speak your mind, you have one for a reason"- Sarah Moores 

"I think you look best when you speak from the heart"

Have a wonderful day!

October 10, 2016

Why Failing is Good for You

No matter who you are or where you're from, one thing's for sure is we've all failed. It feels awful, is discouraging and takes time to fully recover from. It's also necessary. My greatest life lessons have been discovered through failures. I'm a stronger and wiser person now and even though failure sucks I understand it's bigger purpose and how it can shape us for the better. 

Failure can help you find yourself- I can remember when blogging was just a thought. It was a great place to be. My imagination ran wild with ideas, design concepts, stories and layouts. It all seemed so dreamy and easy. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but that's simply not the reality. It's a lot of hard work and it should be. One day I took the leap without any knowledge and three years later I'm still here. I made a lot of mistakes, had a horrible layout, didn't know my purpose and rarely used social media. In the end these mistakes helped me find my passion and now I feel a true sense of purpose in the things I do. I never thought a blog I made three years ago in my dorm room would led to me discovering myself.

Failure means you're learning- What do you do when you perform poorly on a test you thought you were prepared for? You reread the material and go over any past assignments to learn what you messed up on. Even though the test is over, there's still the final and you have knowledge that can be applied in other areas. The same thing can be said about failure in our everyday lives. Learn from your mistakes, keep trying and keep improving. 

You have grit- "Grit" basically means that you have courage and resilience to pursue your goals in spite of hardships that may come your way. It doesn't mean you won't ever want to give up or have setbacks, it means you don't let those moments deter you. You dust yourself off and keep going. This is such an amazing and powerful trait to have especially when life seems to be throwing every obstacle at you with no sign of relief. 

What has failure taught you?

 Have a wonderful day!  

October 9, 2016

When God Smiles at You

This week has been stressful for reasons that are mostly my fault. I've had exams, quizzes, a presentation to prepare for, books to read and goals to accomplish. I've been unmotivated to do pretty much everything and I can't even tell you why. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe because I've been a little sick. Regardless, I just really need to snap out of it. I'm a full-time grad student and an intern. There's no room for slacking. 

On Saturday I volunteered on campus which helped me feel better. One tip I have to get through rough patches is to do something nice for someone else. I promise it works and it's kind! Afterwards, I was feeling a little hungry and as I opened the fridge I was welcomed with bare shelves and tupperware (grocery shopping is a must). I went up the street to grab a few snacks and Arizona tea...because Arizona tea. I gathered my belongings, brought them to the register, had small talk about the drastic weather change and went on my way. 

While on my trip home I turned on the radio and a song that I haven't heard in forever, but will love for a lifetime came on. "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree was everything I needed to hear and feel in that moment and to conclude this week. It truly was one of those moments where I felt like God was smiling at me and saying, "It's going to be Ok."  Something as simple as an unexpected song coming on the radio can change the entire mood of a day. I wish I could bottle up those moments and release them when needed. 

Tell me a time when you felt like God was smiling at you! 

Have a wonderful day! 

October 5, 2016

Beautiful Instagram Accounts to Follow

In a recent post I wrote about how to achieve the perfect flat lay photo for Instagram. Now I want to share a few beautiful accounts that you should follow and can be a source of inspiration! I can only imagine how long it took to capture each of these beautiful images. Trust me, it's a lot harder than it looks! 

Let me know what you think and suggest any accounts you want me to check out.



Have a great day! 

October 3, 2016

YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

I remember the first time I discovered the world of YouTube. I was teenager experimenting with makeup for the first time and searched for an eyeshadow tutorial. Andreas Choice and Michelle Phan were my go-to beauty gurus to watch. Now if you compared their look to my recreation....well one would say A for effort. Still, it was a moment in my teenage years that helped shaped me today. Tips I learned back then I still use now. I eventually branched out of the beauty community and started watching vloggers and fashion channels. At this point youtubers were far more serious about the quality of their content. 

Youtube has truly helped and inspired me in many ways. It was my go-to when I started to embrace my thick and curly hair and it was my source of entertainment. Many times I thought of my favorite vloggers as sisters in my head and it's so much more relatable than reality TV. If you search hard enough, I'm sure you'll find someone like you! 

Here are some great channels I found recently and love!




What are your favorite channels?

Have a wonderful day!

September 29, 2016

The Cutest Novelty Bags You Must See

Novelty bags have been popular this year and I think they're a great statement accessory. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this trend. Now I find that novelty bags are really cute with a nighttime outfit. I prefer smaller bags when I go out because it's less of a nuisance. When I began searching for novelty bags I was so surprised by what I found. You can find bags that resemble fuel, spray paint, a happy meal and so much more!

My favorite one has to be the glitter seashell bag!

What do you think of this trend and which one is your favorite?

Perfume bottle clutch
Mermaid shell bag
Whipped cream cross body
Just be your selfie camera bag
Chocolaty delight cross body
Liquid sarcasm cross body bag

Have a wonderful day!

September 26, 2016

Currently Loving

To start off this weeks posts, I wanted to share a few things I've been loving. Not necessarily this month, but in general these things have been great finds. I want to start branching out and sharing more than just beauty and fashion, but also music, food, books and other creatives. Check out what I'm loving below and let me know your thoughts!  

I've never been the girl that got her her nails done, but these are amazing! I have yet to try this holographic trend out and I know I'm late, but it's next on my list. There are several websites that sell holographic nail polish that I'm considering purchasing. That way mesmerizing nails will be within finger tips reach!  Getting them done at a salon is great for the experience, but this particular trend can be pretty pricey.


When I saw this in my feed I wasn't sure what to expect. This is one of my favorite songs and she ended up doing an amazing job. I love that she made it into a jazzy vibe and her background singers were flawless. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

These beaded bracelets are the perfect accessory if you want a simple and delicate touch to your outfit. You can find them in a variety of colors and they're affordable. To save even more money, try following a DIY and customize them to your liking.  I thought about making a few, adding cute charms and giving them as gifts to my friends and relatives. 

So I've been loving ear jackets for a while so it will always be a favorite. This particular set is so dreamy and eye catching. If it has stars on it, I'm probably going to fall in love with it. My wardrobe tends to be simplistic and this can add a spark to my outfit.

I tried a matcha latte from Starbucks about three weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since. I had no idea what to expect, but it is the perfect blend of creaminess, green tea and sweetness. I went to another coffee shop and theirs wasn't as good so I recommend going to Starbucks if you're trying it for the first time. My goal is to find a recipe and start making it on my own for convenience and for the sake of my wallet! Have you had this? What are your thoughts? 

Have a wonderful day!