November 30, 2015

❄Stocking Stuffers❄

I can't believe it's almost December! This year has seriously gone by so fast. Now the holidays are quickly approaching and it's time to start preparing for gift shopping. Although this time of year isn't about the gifts, it is a nice gesture and I love seeing the expressions on people faces when they receive something they love. Stocking stuffers are some of my favorite things to buy. You never know know what's inside regardless of how big it is. I did a little browsing and found these lovely items most people would love to get. They are also pretty affordable so you don't have to break the bank.

Instax photo album

Mini Instax glitter picture frame

Agate Journal

Fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera

boho gold and gunmetal bracelet

cuddled up grey knit beanie

Sonia Liana Pineapple iPhone 6/6s case

sparkling silver clutch                                                                                                                                                  

Comment below with some of your favorite items for your stockings.

Have a Wonderful Day! 

November 23, 2015

Indoor Winter Wonderland Activities

The time has arrived. After being spoiled for weeks with no snow in sight, winter has decided to make her entrance. When I opened the curtains I couldn't believe how much it had already snowed. While winter is not my favorite season it is undeniably beautiful. The snow covering each branch of the tallest trees and creating a thick coat on the ground is an amazing sight to see. Building snow forts, making snow angels, and have snowball fights are some of my favorite memories as a child. 
Christmas carols, string lights hanging from everyone's home, hot cocoa, and holiday movies keep me going during this time of the year. I'll share some of my specific favorites once winter is officially here. So when the roads are a bit too slippery and the temperature is below freezing what can one do to stay occupied and haven fun? Here are a few suggestions that I love!

1. Bake some goodies- I was browsing on Pinterest and found this adorable gingerbread head cookie recipe. You can cover them in white frosty and make snowmen, draw silly faces, and add small candy pieces for decoration. 

2. Create a sparkly winter painting- If you are into painting or want to give it a try here is a beautiful and sparkly tutorial anyone can do. It's so simple, the entire family including the kids can try and since the process is easy and forgiving. You only need a few materials that are inexpensive.  

3. Make pretend snow- Who says you can't enjoy the snow indoors too? To continue with my love for sparkly this recipe will create pretty sparkly snow just using corn starch, shaving cream, peppermint extract and iridescent flakes. the consistency is powdery like snow and you can mold it into snowball just like real snow. 

4. Make yummy s'mores- S'mores are perfect anytime of the year. Hang some string lights, light some candles or turn on the fireplace to make the room look cozy. Bath and Body Works has some awesome candles. Sweater weather is my current favorite this season. Grab some blankets, put on your favorite pjs and find a good classic movie. I found this delicious recipe everyone will enjoy!

What are some of you favorite things to do when the cold weather is keeping you inside?

Have a Wonderful Day!