June 25, 2015


Monetize your blog

It's so crazy to think that in two months my blog will be two years old! There's so much I still need to improve upon but this year I have made a lot of changes. One of my biggest regrets when I started this blog was beginning with zero knowledge..of anything about blogging. I just thought it looked cool and you got to share you thoughts with some pretty pictures. I didn't take into consideration the amount of time and effort that goes into each post. Everything from the layout, general design, and blog platform take so much work. Even taking pictures can be difficult if you don't have decent equipment. Not to mention learning all the legalities of blogging came as a surprise for me.

June 15, 2015


Summer time is almost here and I'm super excited! The weather would make you think it's been here which I can appreciate.I love being able to soak up the sun and lay out by the pool. In this post I am showing you all how I style two denim pieces for the summertime. Denim is so versatile and can be worn all year round. Below I am styling high waist denim shorts and a denim jacket. Both pieces are pretty simple to work with. My shorts were originally jeans that I got from the thrift store. All I did was cut them and use tweezers to fray the bottom. You can customize your shorts by adding lace, studs, or even by painting a design on them. I paired it with a crop top, and if you're out late a night this varsity style jacket goes great with it. Add some arm candy to accessorize your outfit. 

June 8, 2015


Hello lovely readers! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I know I did. I wanted to share with you my opinion on makeup and how it can be perceived. I personally love makeup. It's cool that you can change up your look slightly or drastically. I wear makeup almost everyday and that's just my personal choice. I usually have on powder foundation instead of liquid since it's so hot, mascara, eyeshadow on my tear ducts for a highlight, and lipgloss. This is a pretty basic routine, but it helps me feel more confident, however I have no problem with my bare face. I don't feel like I have to apply makeup in order to be presentable. Yes makeup can enhance ones appearance, but there's no reason to feel like it's a necessity. You are good enough the way you naturally are. If you do wear makeup, make sure it's only for your own reasons and not to please anyone else. 

This brings me to another point. Some individuals assume that if you are wearing makeup especially if you're not going out, it's to impress somebody else. Many women like myself wear it simply because they enjoy it. Nothing else. Whether or not someone is wearing makeup at the mall, grocery store, club, or to take a walk should not make a difference in anyone's life. Everyone should be able to feel and look good without having others make assumptions and insinuate that they have ulterior motives. How much or how little makeup a woman wears does not warrant an explanation.

If you want to wear makeup, wear it, if not don't. There's so much that happens in life and makeup should be the last of anyone's worries. 

"Be your own kind of beautiful." 

Have A Wonderful Day! 

June 5, 2015


Do you ever find that when you're in a crucial situation, you always think of the worst case scenario? I sadly do this from time to time. I later ask myself, "why do you do this?" This only causes pain, reinforces negative thinking, and builds up more barriers to overcoming my fears. Any logical person could see that the obvious solution is to simply stop. Think positive thoughts. Expect the good, not the bad. Yet this is so hard. I think I personally do this because I don't want to get my hopes up only for them to get knocked down. To want something so bad, and see it not come to fruition is so painful, but there is something that's worse. That is always expecting bad things to happen and never having anything to look forward to.

June 3, 2015


Hello lovely readers. Today I wanted to discuss a subject matter that has been on my mind ever since I read this article a couple of days ago. The phenomenon with having blue eyes seems to be increasing. Many people are now willing to go to the extreme of going under the knife to change their eye color. I've got to be honest, when I read articles about this, I can't help but feel bad for those who feel the need to change their appearance so drastically.

June 1, 2015


Hello lovelies, and happy Monday! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. Lately I've been trying to get back into hobbies I love. Painting is something I love to do, but I'm not very good. Regardless I still have fun and enjoy learning techniques from YouTube. Practice makes perfect right! The best of the best had to start somewhere. Now I don't really have any plans one becoming the next great painter, but it's still relevant when maintaining the spirit of perseverance.