March 26, 2017

When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

So I'm currently sitting in the library a little frustrated, confused and annoyed. Without going into any details, I'm anxiously waiting for news that could impact so many things. The more I think about it the more nervous I get, but now I'm coming to another realization. Don't put all of your trust into material things or people.

March 22, 2017

Spring Fashion Must Haves 2017

I can hardly believe winter is over...well kinda. It's still a little chilly here, but what do expect when you live in Michigan. On a brighter note, I am so excited for the warmer weather that is approaching. Have you ever noticed how everyone's mood and the entire city changes each season? Once spring comes it's like everyone comes out of hibernation! The sun shines longer,  a quiet city is now bustling and heavy coats and sweaters are traded for light weight jackets and dresses. 

This season I am looking forward to adding new pieces to my wardrobe and trying out different trends. I admit, I'm not always the most fashion forward person. A cute t-shirt and jeans tend to be my go-to and who could blame me being that I'm a college student. Walking across campus to class almost everyday keeps cute clothes at bay. Since the semester is almost over, I've been trying on different outfits and creating looks that have me anxious to get finals over with. 

One of my favorite trends that I hope never goes away are shirt dresses. I swear, whoever came up with this trend specifically thought of me. They're the perfect combination of cute and comfort. I recently collaborated with Tobi to show you all some more examples of my favorite spring fashion trends and ways to style them! Check them out below!

The first look is perfect for a casual day out with your friends or running errands. This striped shirt dress is so soft and breathable so I highly recommend it if you live in a humid city. A cute choker is the perfect statement piece and Converse seemed undeniable when putting this outfit together. 

The second outfit channeled my bohemian side which is well...all of me. I rarely wear dresses or tops that are off the shoulder so this pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I love how effortless this dress is and I added a skinny braided belt to help define my shape. Ankle booties are comfortable, quick to throw on and really pulled this look together.

Last, but not least is an outfit that features a gorgeous sweater dress that fits like a glove. I love the side pockets and simplicity this dress brings all while being classy. It really stands out on its own so I paired it with nude sandal high heels and a matching embellished clutch.

Comment below which outfit is your favorite and check out Tobi for more fashion inspiration!

Have a wonderful day! 

March 20, 2017

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

I don't know about you, but my bedroom is my safe haven. After a long day of class, interning and anything else that comes with adulting, I just want to escape and relax. As an introvert, recharging is essential and my environment needs to be cozy. Eventually I will give you all a room tour so you can see how I decorate. I still need to get a few key pieces to make it complete and I wanted to share some of my ideas. You'll probably notice a trend pertaining to where these items are from *cough cough Urban Outfitters* but they seriously have the cutest boho chic items. Let's begin!

Pillows: You can never ever have too many pillows. The more the better. I prefer oversized pillows because it eliminates needing a chair and it can serve as decor. If you have friends over for a sleepover they're great to have or if you just want to cuddle up with a good book and some tea.

Furry throw blankets: Just like pillows, I love throw blankets. When I'm home I tend to have a blanket wrapped around me for comfort even if I'm already warm so I'm constantly battling with the different temperatures. They make a great accent piece and add a pop pf color to a couch as well.

String lights: I think string lights should be everywhere...not just a bedroom, but that's just me! I love them in amber or violet because they're calming colors that create a nice relaxed ambience in any room. You can get them in a variety of styles likes globes, stars and moons.

Candles: Burning a wonderfully scented candle helps set the mood for relaxation. I probably have enough candles, but every season there seems to be a new scent that everyone's raving about. Next thing you know I'm on the internet reading reviews and adding candles to my cart.

Ottoman: I have an ottoman in my living room that works great as a table for when I need extra room. It's not too big so you'll still have plenty of space. The one I found below is perfect for those who need more color to brighten up their room.

Bean bag chair: Okay so maybe you're not into pillows like I am. That's ok because I have the next best thing. I remember my siblings and I getting our bean bag chairs and loving them. Of course when you have two older brothers, things tend to not last very long and they ripped. Now bean bag chairs come in a variety of styles, not just ones that are appealing to children.

Check out my picks below for some inspiration.

Have a wonderful day! 

March 13, 2017

Cool and Intereseting Websites You Need To Know About

It's Monday and we're adjusting to Daylight Savings (ps I miss that hour of sleep) so I'm here with a post full of cool websites that will make your day a little brighter! 

Objects I Can't Afford: It's hard to believe that "Objects I Can't Afford" came about just last year. This website is exactly what the name says. You will find a collection of items the author wants, but is out of her budget. I think people love it because we all can relate to wanting random items that we can't afford and compensate by having multiple wish lists. Have fun scrolling!

Honest Slogans- I don't think this website is updated very often, but it will give you a good laugh. The very first one is an ad for Pokemon Go with the word "outside" inserted at the bottom. It's clever and I'm pretty sure everyone has thought this. Fun fact, a few weeks ago I almost ran into someone that was trying to catch a Pokemon. My favorite one has to be Guilt Trip cookies instead of Girl Scout cookies!

The Oatmeal- If you love comics this is for you. These clever and hilarious comics often surround everyday situations, trends and thoughts we've all had. I can't tell you how many times I've read one and thought, "omg I know right!" There are also cats...lots and lots of cats.

Pixel Thoughts- This website is my favorite on this list. When you go to Pixel Thoughts, relaxing music starts playing and stars are floating in the background. There's a text box where you type in something that is bothering you. Once you hit enter, the text appears in a star and starts to shrink. While this is happening reassuring text is displayed. It reinforces how our negative thoughts are insignificant and truly left me feeling better.

Touch Pianist- If you've always wanted be an amazing piano player, but never got the hang of it, here is your chance to shine! Just use your keyboard and press in the rhythm that is shown on the screen. The correct notes are already there so you're just bringing the song to life!

My Script Font- I haven't used this yet, but I'm so excited to try it out! I've been wanting to make my own font for my graphics, but it always seemed difficult. With this website all you have to do is fill out the template, scan it, upload it, give your font a name and you're done!

Bored Button- Sometimes it's incredibly hard to find something to do, but the bored button fixes that. Click the button and you'll be taken to fun and quick activities. When you're finished with one, click the red button again to see what's up next.

Let me know which website is your favorite?

Have a wonderful day!

March 10, 2017

Link Roundup: Fickle Friends, An Animated Short and Balloon Fruit

It's Friday and while I typically reserve my roundups for Sunday, I couldn't think of anything else to write about. I've been working so hard on building my blog traffic and collaborations so in my "free time" I browse the internet for some inspiration.

DIY Balloon Fruit - If you're ever in need for a great DIY project, bookmark "Oh Happy Day." This DIY is just one of many.

On Living Alone- Marie Andrew has once again taken my thoughts and put them down on paper as an illustration (except I only have one closet). Nonetheless, living alone is the life!

This animated short made me smile and proved that even cartoons have a better love life than I do. If it doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will🌟

Last, but certainly not least are my latest music discoveries. I swear finding new music is like hitting the jackpot...ok maybe not that great, but really close! Fickle Friends is one of my favorite bands so when I heard they had a new single I had to check it out. It's of course a winner in my book and will be on repeat until further notice!

Have a great weekend!

March 7, 2017

How To Get More Instagram Followers

Getting followers on Instagram can seem impossible unless you personally know thousands of people. If you happen to know your entire family tree, this probably isn't the case. So what gives? How are everyday people getting thousands of followers, numerous comments and hundreds of likes? Like yourself, I have sat and pondered these questions and was left feeling exhausted. So I decided to turn to books and the internet to read one article after another to find the answer.

Here are the best tips I've gathered that will lead you to Instagram stardom!

1. Research and Use Multiple Hashtags
Hashtags are an easy way to start getting more engagement and followers, but make sure they are relevant to your niche. Think of them as keywords for Instagram. Just like a blogger using google keyword planner to find relevant words/phrases, Websta identifies hashtags relevant to your page. The best part is it's free and easy to set up. You can also use Instagram for help by typing a hashtag in the search bar. After you hit search it will display related hashtags above the top posts. From here, I recommend curating a list using a spreadsheet so they're organized by category and it's convenient to pull from. One more tip is to use hashtags that aren't overly saturated. Remember, you want your photos to be seen, not lost in a sea of other pictures.

If you need some help getting starting, I wrote a post here with over 50 hashtags!

2. Join Facebook Groups
Facebook groups are essential for growing your social media presence and blog. I've gotten a lot of support and highly recommend using this tip. Most boards only allow promotion on specific days and require everyone to reciprocate the favor. This way everyone grows together. Some examples of promo threads include: comments, likes, loop giveaways and follows.

While these groups are primarily for bloggers, they're still worth checking out to participate in threads for Instagram.

INSTALoops + Blog Giveaways
Show Your Blog Love
The Blogging Squad
Bloggers Social Media Support

3. Write Engaging Captions
In addition to an eye-catching photo, an engaging caption will keep the comments coming. With Instagrams' new algorithm, this is more important than ever. Posts that have more likes and comments have a better chance of being seen at the top of a users home stream. These changes were made because Instagram wants to show posts they think people care about. Come up with a call-to-action that goes with your images. It's an easy and effective way to boost your engagement and visibility. Make it simple like comment with *insert emoji* if you agree or tag your childhood best friend. Try showing other pages some love by tagging them. If you're lucky they may return the favor or repost your photo, exposing you to a bigger audience.

4. Experiment with Times
There are numerous articles that recommend posting at different times, but there is some common ground. Most agree that around lunch time and later in the evening between 7-9 are optimal during the weekdays. The problem is our followers all live in different time zones with different lifestyles. I personally found that I get the most engagement at 6 am and 12am. Try experimenting with different times and check your analytics to track each photos performance. Websta gives you an overview of all your posts with the most likes, comments, and your growth history. The optimization tab is even more detailed and displays when your posts receive the best engagement for your time zone. There's a blue circle on the graph that marks when you get the best engagement.

5. Take Stunning Photos
This probably goes without saying, but I can't stress it enough. If you've browsed for even a minute on Instagram you know how serious people take their photo quality and theme. Now, people take pictures with a DSLR, edit it in Lightroom, then send it to their phone to post. Talk about commitment! People want to see crisp photos and creativity so whether you're taking a selfie or a flat lay make sure the quality is top notch. You certainly don't need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment and I have some great alternatives that won't break the bank.

I've been using the Samsung NX3000 for a little under a year and love it! At the time I was looking for a quality camera with a flip up screen on a tighter budget (under 500). The reviews and features left me with no other option than to get this camera. I love that it has wifi capability so I can quickly transfer photos to my phone. This 20.3 megapixel camera takes stunning photos even with an amateur like me behind the camera. My only complaint is it uses a microSD card which can be easy to misplace.

For all my selfie lovers that don't want to pay $300.00 for a ring light, this will change your life. When I bought this a few months ago, I felt kind of silly. Do I really need a ring light for my phone? Short answer...YES! How many times have you been out at night and try to take a group photo, but the lighting won't cooperate. For some of us this is a regular occurrence, day or night. All my prayers have been answered with this clip-on ring light despite me looking a little weird in public, but guess who's photos won't be blurry...THIS GIRL!

OOTD's are really popular on Instagram, but if you don't have a personal photographer aka boyfriend or a tall floor mirror, it's pretty complicated. I was tired of stacking books, magazines and anything else I could find to lean my phone against so I bought this. This is a good starter kit until you can invest in something better. The remote is probably my favorite feature because setting a timer is tedious and ironically wastes time. To set up the remote simply turn on your bluetooth and start shooting!

Last, but certainly not least is this marble contact paper. If you love taking flat lays or need a background in general, this is way more affordable than buying a backdrop. I bought a large white poster-board and covered one side with this contact paper and left the other side white so I have two backgrounds in one. The quality of this is amazing and no one will know (unless you share this post, which you should) that it's not real marble. Take your time applying this so you don't end up wasting some by getting it caught on everything except the poster board.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have any other suggestions please leave a comment down below! 

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Have a wonderful day! 

March 4, 2017

Links Worth Clicking: Getting Real, Music and DIY's

The theme for this weeks' roundup is "getting real." I came across a few posts that had me nodding my head in agreement and feeling like the author was reading my mind. It's not easy to talk about loneliness or stress, but it feels good knowing I'm not the only one. Granted, I wouldn't wish negative feelings on anyone.  Of course I had to include a pretty diy because...glitter! Also I'm loving this song by Alayna. It's been on repeat all week long!

Real Talk: Being Lonely

Holographic Glitter Acrylic Calendar DIY

How To Deal With a 180 Degree Life F*ck 

Why We Need To Stop Waiting For Stress To Disappear And Make Changes Today

Have a wonderful day!

March 2, 2017

Resource Roundup: Free Patterns

We're so close to the weekend so why not celebrate with another resource roundup post! This week I am bringing to you all these pretty (and free) patterns. I don't use patterns that often and that is about to change. They're a great way to make a more detailed and intricate design.  

Lately I've been burnt out in terms of design and it's been frustrating. There are so many competitions and submission opportunities available and my brain really needs to get it together. These roundup posts help spark ideas and I'm truly grateful for all these amazing artists that are willing to share their creations. 

If you download any of these patterns, check out the artists' website and leave them some positive feedback. Artists rarely get the credit they deserve and its time we (myself included) step it up and show our appreciation! 

Which pattern is your favorite? Comment below! 

Have a wonderful day!